Mulberry Meltdown ~ 6/12/24 Hrs

Just One Little Loop...

When? December 11, 2021, 8 am (Check-In @ 7am)

Where? Mulberry Gap Adventure Basecamp

Come test your mettle on a well-maintained 1.02 mile course of loopy fun on Mulberry Gap's on-site trails. Sounds easy, right? Maybe the first few times…

You’ll run by mountain brooks and across a koi pond. You’ll run through stands of hemlocks and past the smiling faces of volunteers and supporters. You’ll run past a nice, warm “barn” (hint: it’s not really a barn) serving nice, warm food. You’ll run past your tent or cabin (which you should book RIGHT NOW) to access personal aid and sleep without leaving the course, and you’ll run through a MTB pump track and skills track (no, you don’t have to run the tricks...but maybe that’d be fun the first few times…please show us pictures).

You’ll also accumulate 230ft of elevation gain per loop.


I'm pretty sure no one's going to hit 100 miles. (No one has done it yet.)  But if you do, you'll hit more gain than the famous Western States Endurance Run over the same distance. Challenge accepted, anyone?

The course is 90% dirt/trail. There will be small segments of gravel plus the paved area where the main buildings are at the Start/Finish. There will also be a couple of short wooden bridges so you don’t get your tootsies wet as you cross the aforementioned brooks and koi pond. :)

Here is a short video by LDailey Photos which showcases a portion of the course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kphV2mJlDrM&t=44s

*Full aid every mile at the Start/Finish. Full aid includes the fare usually seen at ultras as well as hot foods. You’ll have access to bathrooms and a place to get warm. This includes access to first aid.
*Water/Gatorade will be at the half mile mark.

What’s included
*Up to 2 days of use access to Mulberry Gap’s facilities, including parking, showers, bathrooms, hot tub, and wifi
*Swag: Long sleeve T-shirt
*Fully stocked aid station at the Start/Finish
*Top 3 male and female awards for 24, 12, and 6 hr participants.
*Buckles for folks that crush 100 miles on the course.
*Craft beer from MG’s fully stocked beer fridge will be available for purchase, but if you bring your own, you’ll have access to a fridge to keep it cold for you.
*Finisher awards for all participants


Hilary Kelley (https://www.hilarykart.com/shop) has done our art for the last few years, and it's wonderful! Because this race falls during the holidays, please check-out her online shop for gift ideas!


Lori Dailey of LDailey Photos (LDailey Photos | Facebook) will be on course capturing photos and video of all runners! This is included in your race fee. We just ask that you give her credit when sharing photos and videos, and please like and subscribe to her channel on YouTube!

Runners with crews
Crews are welcome! But there aren’t a lot of flat spots for setup, so please keep your crew footprint small. Pacing is not allowed. The course goes through the Brook Camping area, which is perfect for self-crewing or for meeting your camped out supporters. Non-camping crews will be able to setup in another designated location. Crews will not have access to electricity. There is no cell reception.

This is a winter race, so dress appropriately and have plenty of layers on hand plus something warm and dry to change into when you’re finished. The average high for Ellijay in December is 50, and the average low is 34. Average precipitation is 4.89 inches. These are just averages…. 

Having said that, because this is early winter, the weather usually isn't too crazy and cold.  Although this event will be held rain or shine, if the weather truly works against us (eg. severe winter weather alerts), I will either cancel or attempt to reschedule.  

Race Schedule


3pm - Lodging Check-in at Mulberry Gap
6pm - Optional dinner at Mulberry Gap

7pm - Early check-in for runners staying at Mulberry Gap 


7am - Race Check-in at Mulberry Gap inside the Barn
8am - Race Starts at the Barn
8:30am - Optional breakfast for onlookers and volunteers (or more relaxed participants!)
9am - Optional bag lunch pick-up for participants and supporters. Volunteers will pick-up for runners.
2pm - 6 Hr Race Finishes at the Barn, Top award presented (Ordering a bagged lunch is highly recommended!)
6pm - Optional dinner at Mulberry Gap
8pm - 12 Hr Race Finishes at the Barn, Top awards presented shortly after


8am - 24 Hr Race Finishes, Top awards presented
8:30am - Optional breakfast at Mulberry Gap



All participants and crews or supporters (e'rybody!) MUST fill out an online waiver with Mulberry Gap - this is separate from the waiver you initial when you register as a runner.


2020 Liability Waiver and Cancellation Policy | Mulberry Gap (checkfront.com)

The race schedule is independent from Mulberry Gap’s check-in and out schedule for lodging. Full meals are all optional meals that must be purchased through Mulberry Gap (https://www.mulberrygap.com/). Day use fees ($5, $10 if showers are desired) for crews, supporters, family members (non-participants) must be purchased through Mulberry Gap the day of the event. Aid station fare is included in the race fee.

Lodging and Meals
This is also SUPER important…..If you plan on staying overnight or eating meals provided by Mulberry Gap, please call them at 706-698-2865 or email at reservations@mulberrygap.com.

Signing up for this event in Ultrasignup does not guarantee lodging and meals with Mulberry Gap!! There are lots of options, ranging from eating only to camping to cabins. Give them a call!

Rules for consideration
*Pacers aren’t allowed. If you’d like a friend or family member to join you for a loop or two, let us know at the time.
*If you need to take an extended break, please tell us at the timing area before you take your break. Please also tell us when you return and before you start you next lap.
*If you do not go the full 6, 12 or 24 hours, please tell us at the timing area (Start/Finish) by the Barn. We need to know you made it back.
*Partial laps don’t count. If you start a loop as the clock rolls over to the 6th, 12th or 24th hour, then you’ll be credited for your last full loop under the time limit. We’ll still be seriously impressed with the distance, though. *high five*
*Headlamps are required for nighttime running. Sunset is at 5:30pm.
*Your race bib must be worn at all times and be displayed prominently on the front of your body. You won’t enjoy twirling around after about 5 loops, and I’ll instruct the timing table to arbitrarily count your lap accordingly. Just kidding. Or am I?.... ;)

We need help!
Volunteers make the magic happen! Please email me if you’re interested in manning our main aid station. If you’re running and worried that your supporters/spectators will get bored waiting on you each lap, consider enlisting them as volunteers (please talk to them first!). As thank you, volunteer gifts include runner swag and a comp entry to an upcoming Run the Cohuttas event or the next Rabun Half Marathon in June. Volunteers get free entry into any event I put on within a year of volunteering.

Covid Considerations:

Please give this link a look to see what we're doing to reduce the possible transmission of Covid-19: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14ktSyyO-86nTPyU0cFhs711QxfKnPmrK60OSE99-NAk/edit?usp=sharing This applies to all Run the Cohuttas events as well as the Rabun Half Marathon, so if you read something that doesn't quite make sense for this race, that's why.

Runner tracking

The Wi-Fi at Mulberry Gap is patchy at best, and cell reception is nil at the Barn and lower parts of the course, so unfortunately, we can't do fancy runner tracking and reporting.  This also means that you might not be able to get immediately in touch with your runner.

Race Communications

Did you miss an email? Not to worry! Visit this link to see prior communications!

Race Communications

Are you looking at this event last minute and would like to participate? Same day registration is available. Just show up at Mulberry Gap on race morning with cash in hand, and we'll take care of the rest! Just add $5 to the registration fees listed above, because whole numbers are easy. :) Last minute registrations are not guaranteed any swag.

Run the Cohuttas is a local grassroots endeavor and cannot offer refunds, transfers, or deferments. This includes if the event is cancelled due to last minute inclement weather. Every registration fee goes toward the betterment of this and other Run the Cohuttas events as well as the on-going trail maintenance efforts on and off the courses used for events and group runs. Your understanding is appreciated!

The deadline to register and be GUARANTEED a T-shirt and other swaggy items is November 18.